Ice Rink Coming to Stay in Narragansett!

We are excited to share with the community an initiative we have been working on in light of the Holiday Faire cancellation and the Take it Outside Grant funds we received in 2020.  The Narragansett Chamber of Commerce is thrilled to have purchased a synthetic ice-skating rink to be used by our community.

This has been possible thanks to the support of the Town of Narragansett and the Parks and Recreation Team through their leadership on logistics, setup, storage and placement. The rink is on its way and we will let everyone know when it will be fully functional!

Currently, the plan is to install it near the Parks and Rec. department on Clarke Road, which is also where the Camp JORI swimming pool once was. We hope this ice-skating rink donation is something that can be shared with our organizational partners throughout the town, such as the Lion’s Club, Parks and Recreation and others for approved events.

Your Company or Business Can Become a Sponsor of the Rink!
Financial Donations are being pledged and accepted to help us with shipping, platform construction and heating stations so THANK YOU TO ALL who have come forward already! If you are interested in making a donation or becoming an official banner sponsor at out new Community Ice Skating Rink, please contact us by calling the offices at 401-783-7121 or emailing

Ice Skating Rink Sponsorship Form