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To Our Members,

In today’s economic climate that undoubtedly has many twists and turns ahead, the adage “there is strength in numbers” becomes even more germane. Membership in an organization that advocates on behalf of business is an important factor in determining policies and advocating for legislation and best practices that protect the viability of your business and its longevity. While you are busy running your business, we are your eyes and ears relative to programs that may help you on the Federal, State or Local level. We serve as a conduit between the public and business owner often explaining the challenges you face in time when Business is anything BUT usual.

At the Narragansett Chamber we have adopted the acronym- OCEANS

Opportunity– Walk-in traffic alone and social media presence is second to none to inform people about your business

Collaboration-We connect people and design creative programs based on your needs

 Expertise– In addition to our talented members and staff, the current Executive Director has decades of business experience from start-ups to Fortune 50, non-profit & for-profit organizations alike

 Action-We advocate for you, if needed, on a Regional and State level and provide updates on legislation and programs that may affect your business

Networking-Together we are better, so we have Business after Hours and Community Events that allow for new friendships and connections

Support– Promotion, advice, monthly newsletter inclusion, first invites for sponsorships or business -related promotions

Within our programs, and contained in our events, you will find the right mix to suit your business needs. We ask that you, as a member of the Narragansett Chamber of Commerce, take advantage of those programs and derive as much benefit from your membership as possible.

As with most things in life you reap what you sow, and get out what you put in. Get involved. Come to networking events. Inquire about becoming a Board Member or serve on a standing committee. Simply stop in the office and say hello. Attend an educational seminar.

Bring us your latest flyer, brochure, menu. Send us an event or happening at your business. We’ll welcome your input and ideas and we want to hear your concerns. The Narragansett Chamber is here to help you achieve the level of success that you desire.

Thank you for your support of the Narragansett Chamber of Commerce. We have been serving the business community in Narragansett and Washington County since 1925 and will continue for many years to come.

Peg Fradette

Executive Director on behalf of the Board of Directors
Narragansett Chamber of Commerce

Narragansett Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors

Executive Board
Chair- Open
Past Chair- Corey Sullivan, SC Trolley & Transportation
Vice Chair – Amy Newman, Discovery Map
Secretary – Diane Patefield, Independent
Treasurer –  Open

Executive Director
Peg Fradette

Board Of Directors
Caroline Flynn, Flynn Automotive
Richard Fuka, RI Fisherman’s Alliance
Bethany Lardaro, The Washington Trust Co.
Robert Leonard, The Coast Guard House
Steve Marasco, Marasco Real Estate
Megan Moran, Block Island Ferry
Kevin Mulholland, Pier Fuel
John Reposa, Fishing Boat Captain
Matt Smith, White Slate Studio
Kristin Solomon, RI Real Estate
Steve Surdut- Law Offices of Sean Donahue
Pati Sylvia, Artist
Susan Tierney, Vacation House Linens
Alan Yick, KEY Real Estate Services

P.O. Box 742 Narragansett  RI 02882
Phone: 401.783.7121
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Narragansett Chamber of Commerce Board Meetings
The Narragansett Chamber of Commerce Board meets the First Friday of each month at 9:00 a.m. at the Chamber, via conference call, or Zoom. The Chair of the Board has the discretion to cancel or add meetings as needed. According to the by-laws the Board must meet at least eight times per year.